July 18, 2007

// sozodesign.com / envision design show #005

well well, thx god, i have been able to put another show online. this time, the directors of sozodesign.com, a san francisco design firm, are my guest on the design and business podcast. we got in contact by rather incident through a fellow from the university of design, department of art and design. however, it was really nice talking to the folks from sozodesign.com in san franciscos bay area. david gonzalez and bruce eng happened to study on the east and west coast, bringing their talent together as an off-shoot of design continuum.they are combining their diverse skills in order to create distinguished products and services which extend current markets, create new markets or innovate existing ones. they work for firms like samsung, intel, or kensington.
i hope you folks out there will like the show. please keep in mind, you can send us feedback. thank you in advance.

June 30, 2007

new interview, sorry but not online

well, i was able to interview lutz kucher recently. we have had a quite nice talk about the school in graz, his experiences at ziba, career path and his current business. unfortunately i cannot dedicate time to post another show right now. my degree presentation is in about two weeks, therefore i more than busy finishing up this stuff. bear with me here, you will be able to listen to a new show soon. i promise.

June 17, 2007

// show 004 with cees de bont, dean of ID Engineering at delft university ONLINE

finally the show is up and running. we starting with

June 11, 2007

// new shows, new shows

well, eventually we have 3 shows up, a few interviews scheduled and there will be a new show this week. its not yet, hence i wont mention the head of department of one of the worlds top 60 design schools (bw top 60 list). so, stay tuned, just a couple days until the show will be up.

thank for reading and listening.

June 6, 2007

// myk lum, lum design associates

i have publsihed a new show with the founder of lum design associates in irvine california. i have recorded the show quite a while ago, though it took some time to put it online.

anyhow, the show is really nice. myk is talking about his business. after doing freelance work to an extent where he never really took vacation, he had to hire designers. it gives students and people a really good overview and insights how to start your own design business, what is important. whats not.

please take a listen and enjoy the show. thank you for your support.

// itunes

i have encountered a problem with the itunes feed listing. in fact, i supposed i have figured it out. although my feedburner account has been updated with the fix, my feed reader does not update the feed correctly. itunes in fact, does everything correctly. so, we ll see how this is ending up. whether or not you guys are having problems. please keep me posted in case you have problems with the feed or with updating.

May 28, 2007

// podcast directories added

i finally got the feedburner feed right, its also submitted to the itunes music store. in order to be present on the entire internet (lol) we have added the shows to different online podcast directories. please the new buttons on the far left site. odeo, podcastalley provide links to all current and upcoming shows. stay tuned and check them. thx