April 17, 2007

// another show in the can //

i have been down town la yesterday i order to record another really entertaining show with mr jerome mage, founder of mage design. it has been quite an interesting chat about design, subcultures, trends and why small studio layouts have more freedom in some way to "operate" or to do the daily design work. i about to master the show, so stay tuned.

April 15, 2007

// podcast shows //

hello i am about to complete another show with an interesting fellow from designworksusa in munich. i have meet him last winter here in southern california (;D). he has been studying at the hsg karlsruhe, interned at a few consultancies and started his own design studio right after school. although his experiences there have been quite exciting he moved on and completed a masters degree in transportation design at the pforzheim graduate school for creative studies.

the show airs soon, please stay tuned!